Chairman's Letter

Welcome to JNSL !

The ship continues its sail until it reaches destination, to sail again on a new journey; fulfil its goals, and create new ones, keep the momentum, and experience through new adventures, challenges and aspirations. Explore new horizons, gain new knowledge, and lead by example.

With steady steps, we continue our journey, with a goal in mind, we are still at the beginning of our trip; with a lot to see, find out, learn, and acquire. Learning and teaching, leading and coaching, gaining and giving, which is an ongoing process.

The challenges encountered by our region are a true test of our stamina, endurance and capability, I believe we have proven by far that we are here to stay, and we will succeed and continue with the same high spirit by which we began.

Our group today with 7 entities, comprising the main services, serving Jordan and Region; our team, we pride, with profound experience and determination, looking to continue and grow within this entity as one family; and our clients, partners, stakeholders, who believe in us, and their trust that keeps us going.

They are all the reason for which our journey is still at its beginnings.

We look forward to sail you through in the many next decade



Ahmad Armoush

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