Ship Owners

Shipping is the servant of trade and the master of its’ realisation. JNSL’s understanding of shipping is within the interacting factors of global economy where opportunities are constrained with a framework of risks, and where the magic formula to guarantee success when the wind changes direction, simply does not exists. On this premise, JNSL, prudently managed to balance its investments in ship owning for trade and for operations, while reacting to the market dynamics in determining the best mix of full ownership of vessels when the market is “owners’ driven”, partial ownership when the market is muddling around, chartering when the ambiguity overtakes the calm seas, and a mix of all to sum the business pool for the past 42 years. The ships owned for investment and for trade ranged between Dry and Wet Bulk Carriers, ContainerFeeders, RoRo Pax, Multipurpose, and Harbor Towage “Tugs and Support Vessels”.

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