Ship Operations

JNSL  relies  on  its  vast  and  lengthy  experience  to  ensure  that  each  vessel  is  operated  professionally  and economically, and customers are provided with professional services and practical shipping solutions.

Annually,  over  10 million  tonnes  are  carried  by  JNSL’s  various  shipping  lines  on wet,  dry  and  specialized vessel types. The expertise acquired by JNSL since  its establishment allows  it to ensure timely and efficient execution.

Currently JNSL operates various break bulk liner services in the Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea, Arabian Gulf, and Indian Ocean, with the ability to carry steel pipes, containers, RoRo and heavy lift cargo. Our services extend to meet bulk and bagged (global) requirements. Our team is experienced in handling contracts of affreightments where full attention and comprehensive planning are required to meet our client’s business objectives.

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